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Laktionov Alexander Ivanovich

AI laktionov studied at the Rostov Art School (1926-29), in Pererburgskoy Academy of Fine Arts (1932-38), where he was the favorite pupil I. Brodsky , then there is a post-graduate (1938 - 44).

The painting "Letter from the Front" (1947), by luchivshaya Stalin Prize, has made his name widely known. In drink the characteristic features of his work: the traditional, the commitment to the narrative staging, home specificity and careful detailing.

Painting Laktionova constantly aroused controversy. Reproaches cast by artist C. V. Gerasimov more about his research paper, where "all things are living apart" and "carefully painted all of the items are given the illusion of bright light," not once, not without reason, repeated at his mature works that are as sharply acted stubborn unwillingness website in any way subordinate numerous details of integrity and overall impression coloristic combine Pestryaev coloring items.

However, in addiction to Laktionova humdrum, often coarse facial features, to be specific and emphatic illusory cut volumetric images sounded a certain artistic program, true to his, albeit very appearance, the understanding of art and his own truth, it is very hard and substantive, vision.
These qualities aroused controversy around large paintings of the artist: "I have visited again" (1949) - the image of Pushkin in St. Michael, "In the new apartment" (1952), "Old-age" (1954-60).

These same qualities are inherent in his many portraits, which, surely caught up with the similarities, lack of internal saturation of the image (Portrait of the artist Isaak Brodsky, 1939-40; Actors Theater Knipper-Chekhov, Kachalov, H . P. Khmeleva all 1940 Academician Bardin, 1952; cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, 1967, etc.). As a result, "naturalism" Laktionova always enough and enlightened deniers, and simple-minded fans.

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