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Sergey Korovin (1858-1908)

The curious reader will surely agree that human life is full of puzzles, paradoxes and difficult to explain phenomena. An example from the history of national art. Two brothers with a difference in the birth of three years. Both are studying at the same time at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In one year, leaving the walls (1886), but his works are very different from each other.

 We are talking about the brothers Korovin, Konstantin and Sergei. According to contemporaries, Sergey Korovin was an extremely serious, thorough person. Because it had little effect on the search for new forms and contents of his contemporaries, in particular, innovations younger brother Constantine. And he wrote mainly scenes from the life of its people.

In the key film "In the world", on which the artist worked for about ten years, doing a lot of preparatory sketches and studies, SA Korovin refers to the life of the Russian peasantry. Gathering of villagers trying to resolve the conflict between rich and poor villagers. Tableau Russian village of the late XIX century. Not surprisingly, the artist constantly participated in exhibitions of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions Society "World of Art", was an active member of the Union of Russian Artists. Conservative by nature, SA Korovin corrects in his latest works, his style - his paintings are becoming more colorful, expressive.

Thoroughness SA Korovin was manifested in his teaching. He led a teaching job in his hometown school actually since his graduation and almost to the last years of his life not too long.

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