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Kondratenko Gavriil Pavlovich (1854-1924)

Judging by the reviews, Gavriil Pavlovich Kondratenko than seek formal academic titles. And in life and in his work, he was an original man and the artist.

In 1873, a young Kondratenko, a native of the province of Penza, entered the Academy of Fine Arts volnoprihodyaschim student. Two years engaged in the class history painting under the guidance of KF Guna . Since 1875, moves to full-time training in landscape painting class, where, under the leadership of MK Klodta gets six silver and small gold medals. In 1883, after a series of landscapes Society for the Encouragement of Arts awards the first prize in the young painter. In 1884, Mr. Kondratenko suit personal thematic exhibition on the three geographical places of stay of his illustrious compatriot M. Lermontov.

On the artist's landscapes depicted: the birthplace of the poet and writer Tarkhany, views of Moscow, Pyatigorsk and the Caucasus. By the way, the collection of exhibition catalogs and sales went to the monument of M. Lermontov and the benefit of needy writers and scholars. The artistic heritage of GP Kondratenko significant. Dozens of his landscapes with views of the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Russian Black Sea coast is decorated with the exposure of many museums and art galleries of the country.

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