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Valerian K. Kamenev (1823-1874)

Valerian K. Kamenev refers to the small number of Russian artists who have received the title of academician, formally referring to the status of fine art lovers.

After studying at the Novgorod school young Kamenev comes to public service (1838), which is until 1858, when a mature man decides to become a professional artist. Just the year before, for the painting "View of the island near St. Petersburg starve" Kamenev awarded the title of Academician. Prior to that time he served at the same time engaged in the Academy of Arts (since 1841). In 1848, the Academy gives it the title of class artist, and almost from that time on he began to exhibit his views on academic exhibitions.

In 1859, VK Kamenev made a trip around Europe. He visited Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. Full of impressions, sketches and plans artist returned to his homeland in order to allow time to work. In this case, it manifests itself as a fun teacher. After teaching drawing in a number of military schools VK Kamenev passes (1869) in Gatchina and Gatchina Institute of Women's Gymnasium. Until the end of his life, he combines the work of art teacher with writing landscapes of Petersburg and the surrounding area.

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