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Ivan Bogdanov (1855-1932)

Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (MUZHVZ), which has trained a large number of artists have become known, remained until the end of the XIX century, the average educational institution. Many graduates of the Moscow School of Painting continued to study at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Others, having received an excellent training in school, getting on the path of self-creation. This is what Ivan Bogdanov, who studied at the Moscow School of Painting (1878-1889) in the great painters and teachers VE Makovsky and IM Pryanishnikova .

In the years of apprenticeship Bogdanov begins to present their works at exhibitions, at the beginning - MUZHVZ, then - the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions, of which he became in 1895. Household composition wrote: "From the production" (1883), "For the calculation" (1890), "Rookie" (1893), "Girlfriends" (1896), "homelessness" (1897), "Pilgrims" (1900), "For cornflowers "(1902)," The farmer at the plow "(1906)," In the Garden "(1906)," Gathering Mushrooms "(1907). However, he succeeded, and portraits, and landscapes ("Portrait of the Artist Pozdneeva VI," 1903 "Landscape with huts", 1912).

The shock in October 1917 and the subsequent events affected the work of any artist - many have changed the theme of his works, his style, his views. IP Bogdanov has retained its traditional letter ("Campfire", 1927), although they have any pictures on the theme of contemporary or recent history ("After the student strike", "Driven into exile," "Lenin and work", all - 1920 - e). In the struggle art direction relative took part - since 1929 a member of the Moscow Union of realist artists. Reason to adjust their skills and outlook on life and art in IP Bogdanov was not.

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