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Belloli Franzevich Andrew (1820 - 1881)

Creativity and life native of Rome and a graduate of the Academy of St Luke Andrew Frantsevich Belloli were held in Russia, where he arrived in the late 1850s.

In St. Petersburg, the artist quickly became known for his paintings and works of decorative lampshades palaces and churches.

Gradually A. Belloli interests shifted to portraiture. In this case, in addition to works made with oil, big success enjoyed by women's and children's portraits made with colored pencils.

A. Belloli actively involved in the artistic life of the northern Russian capital: he is a regular member of the academic exhibitions in 1869 at the Academy of Fine Arts arranges an exhibition of his work in favor of the poor students, widows and orphans of artists.

His artistic skills and active citizenship receive official recognition: in 1861 he was awarded the title of academician of portraiture, in 1870 awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus 2nd degree for his years of artistic activity for the benefit of Russian art. In the same year, AF Belloli creates and donates Academic museum, perhaps the best and certainly the most popular his work - "Bathers after a bath."

The creative activity of A. Belloli, an Italian by birth and arts education, happily established in Russia and brought renown painter, and helped enrich the palette of Russian art by a colorful smear.

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